The EVA MECHANICAL INDUSTRY Ltd.. Pioneer in manufacturing of hydraulic presses in Brazil is more than 40 years on the market. Installed in an area of 7.500m ² 4.500m ² of built area.

In addition to identifying the product brand, EVA is able to provide services to others in the areas of machining, Boilers and Welding.


We are able to run services in parts by 3 feet long and 800 mm in diameter.

The company is equipped with machining centers and CNC lathes and ROMI Hyundai brand which enables the company to run services with the highest precision, less time and reduced cost.

Following the global trend of market CNC machines are controlled by the EVA GibbsCAM software that allows an optimization of production and a drop in production times with substantial reduction in rework costs, since with this type of equipment the margin of loss is minimal..

Boilers and Welding

Perform services for boiler light and media companies such as Michelin and Shell-incolub, Running multiple jobs conformation and welding of steel structures for various applications including highlight: Automotive Industry and Prospecting and Oil Refining.

Our team of professionals are qualified to weld and work with internal procedures according to requirements of Petrobras.

Technical Parts

We perform all kinds of service in non-metallic materials , such as : nylon, rigid polyurethane , teflon, Polypropylene , Celeron , pvc , acetate , polycarbonate , acrylic.

Quality and punctuality

All parts made in EVA are tracked since the arrival of raw material , to delivery to the customer, maintaining a strict control proporcinando customers more ease and confidence about the materials used.